Here’s what you can expect in working with us:
• Good communication
• Quick responses
• Collaboration before, during, and after the shoot
• A commitment to making your business look its best and the skill to complete the task
• Honesty: I’ll give my perspective on what I think looks good and what might work better
• Long-term support

Good commercial photography begins with communication:
• What it is that your company does
• Your purposes and goals for the project
• How you will use your images
• Knowing these things helps us plan and create the best products possible!

What we do

Your photographer will be an experienced Master Photographer, Master Artist, Certified Professional Photographer, and Photographic Fellow of the Maryland Professional Photographers Association.

You probably wonder, "What does that mean?" We explain that elsewhere on this site, but let’s just say that those titles mean that Chris has invested many hours and dollars in developing his craft and earning credentials that set him above the crowd of photographers who call themselves professionals without any proof that they can deliver!

We have been in business for more than 10 years and have vast experience in portraiture, general commercial photography, and other categories of commercial imaging. Over that decade we have learned important lessons about working with people, as well. Commercial imaging requires so much more than expensive equipment and settings. It involves effective conversation and planning before the session, careful questions intended to learn your needs and goals, intentional analysis of the photographic subject, expert advice in the demands of the project, and finally, expertise in post processing.

I will be happy to explain and demonstrate any of these abilities and factors if you want to hear more! The bottom line is this: We have the experience and skills to deliver exemplary images to make your business or subjects look their best! We want you to consider your experience to be so much more than you expected!

How will I be charged?

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To make invoicing as simple and flexible as possible, we charge a simple fee for the shoot based on the estimated time required for the shoot, which is due on booking. Secondly, we charge a reasonable per-image licensing fee for what you order after proofing. Finally, we charge for extraordinary post-processing on an hourly basis, which we include in your estimate.

Is retouching included?

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Basic retouching is included for every image you order. This includes such things as basic color and exposure corrections. For more involved requests that must be completed in Photoshop (such as multi-layer compositing), we charge a post-processing fee based on an hourly rate.

How long will it take to get my images?

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We will let you know at the time of the shoot when we expect to have proofs online for you to review. Once you place and pay for your image order, it usually takes up to 2 weeks to receive your final proofs. (Extensive post-processing requests or jobs may take longer.) Once you approve the finished proofs, you will receive a Dropbox delivery almost immediately.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

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Absolutely! We do everything we can to ensure that you are thrilled with your images. If in the end you are not pleased with the images before you order and pay for them, we will reshoot your session at no additional fee.

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Interested in more information or ready to book your commercial imaging? Follow one of the links below to review some recommendations, or, to book, click the Book Now button! You can also use the Contact page to get in touch and request further information or help. We look forward to hearing from you!

Most clients find me after they had poor experiences or unsatisfactory results with previous photographers. We do everything we can to set you at ease, starting with good communication and good listening. We want to know you and your business, what your experiences have been, and what your photography goals are. Before we accept your project, we want to speak with you and go over what you think you need. We will ask questions and, where needed, offer our advice on the emerging ideas. Once we understand the goals and demands of your project, we will provide you with a custom estimate, including variable costs that may be applied. When you are ready to hire, we will send you an invoice for the shoot fee that we have agreed upon.

If you wish to book a simple project — such as a professional portrait, feel free to use the button to schedule and pay your booking fee. If, however, you need an estimate or have questions, please use the Contact page to communicate with us. We will get back to you quickly!

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